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SVHC Control

Due to the rising concern on the importance of green environment, Luen Ming has devoted efforts to make contribution to protect the environment for our next generation. Continuously working to be an environmentally friendly manufacturer, we aim to be the green partner of more and more branded customers. In 2014, Luen Ming was accredited to ISO14001 by CQC. 

Aiming also to stand on the frontline of the changing world, we have been constantly upgrading knowledge, testing equipment and quality system to enhance the confidence of customers on our products. Luen Ming's products are no doubt in full compliance with ROHS and REACH standards. We promise and are prepared to stay ahead of the change to keep our clients at the edge of the first-hand environment protection information. 

As a commitment to our living environment and next generation, we would continue to focus on environmentally friendly product development and production. Being a responsible corporate citizen, we shall minimize the pollution and disposal of production waste in the manufacturing process and strive for excellence in every aspect of premium production without sacrificing our lovely environment.


Besides, more and more governments of the world are concerned about any environmental issues to the second industry, thus setting up laws and regulations to restrict the use of environmentally hazardous substances to protect the health of the users & their environment. The Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (ROHS) which came into force in 2006 has been revised to as Directive 2015/863/EU in 2015.


The Registration, Evaluation, Authorization And Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 came into force in June 2007. This regulation has integrated approximately 219 SVHC up to 8th July 2021 and more items will be included from time to time, thereby enhancing the regulatory framework to ensure there is sufficient protection for human health and the environment from chemical substances. Though REACH is a European chemical regulation, it has wide implications beyond the chemical industry directly and throughout the world.

Our products are compliant with the requirement and we keep update closely with the new SVHC substances for control.

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